How to Configure HP Printer with Your PC?

In case you’re planning to buy a printer soon, you ought to consider purchasing an Ethernet or remote printer. Costs have descended as of late and now that a great many people have remote systems, you can setup your system with the goal that you can print from anyplace in the house or even the world utilizing an administration like Google Cloud Print! It’s likewise awesome for visitors since they can associate with your remote system and print effectively without fiddling with links and CDs, so you’ll get bunches of credit as a host!


In this article, I’ll speak just about the system or Ethernet printers. Likewise, this article is for Windows XP clients. In case you’re utilizing Windows 7 or Windows 8, the procedure is far less demanding and you can read my other post on adding a printer to Windows 8 here. Presently we should begin with HP printer support if not able to configure the connection. This is what you’ll have kept in mind the end goal to setup the printer on your Windows XP machine:

Step 1: First, associate the printer to your system by interfacing one end of a Cat 5 or 6 link (which ought to have accompanied your printer) to your switch and the flip side in the system port of your printer. Presently, turn your printer on and sit tight for it to end up plainly prepared.

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Step 2: Next you’ll have to get the IP address of your printer. The IP address is the thing that will tell your PC where to discover your printer on the system. All system printers enable you to print a solution sheet that will list essential data about the printer alongside the present system setup.
For most printers, this includes squeezing the Menu catch on the printer, heading off to the Information alternative and picking Print Configuration. Some of the time if there is no show, you simply press and hold the Go or Print catch down for around 10 seconds and it’ll print the design page. You will search for the TCP/IP area:

The IP Address is the thing that you’ll require for the following strides. You printer ought to consequently get an IP address from the DHCP server on your system. At home, the IP ought to originate from the remote switch or private entryway if you have one that goes about as a link modem in addition to switch.

Step 3: The last stride is to add the printer to your PC. Tap on Start, then Printers and Faxes.
In the event that you don’t see this in your Start Menu, you can go to Start, Control Panel and after that tap on Printers and Faxes there. Click Add Printer from the sheet on the left.

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The Add Printer wizard will start, so click Next to begin. On the following screen, you’ll be asked whether your printer is a nearby printer or a system printer. These alternatives are befuddling in light of the fact that a system printer is really alluding either a printer associated with another PC or a printer on a print server. Our printer is a remain solitary printer, thus you should choose Local printer joined to this PC and ensure that you uncheck the container for naturally identifying the printer.

Click Next and you’ll be made a request to choose the printer port. Since our printer is a system printer with an IP address, we have to choose the Create another port alternative and pick Standard TCP/IP Port.

Standard TCP IP port
Click Next and you’ll get another wizard to include a TCP/IP printer port. On the primary Wizard screen, click Next. In the primary content box, Printer Name or IP Address, enter the IP address from the printer solution set to your printer prior. HP Customer Service number  +1-888-431-2835 helps you fix any sort of technical issue immediately.

Include TCP IP port
Click Next and relying upon the printer you have, you may get one more exchanges before the end of the wizard. If the system card for the printer can’t be recognized, the wizard will request that you pick the card sort. You can leave the default of “Nonexclusive Network Card” and snap Next.

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