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What is HP Support Assistant and How to Use it?

HP Laptop Support

HP or Hewlett Packard is quite a famous tech company in the world of computers and other tech devices. It makes some of the best Laptops or Printers that you can ever use on the market, and is quite famous for its Deskjet series, its personal computers and various other products and devices. Any HP computer or laptop that they have released after the year 2012, can support and use the Conatct HP support assistant software. The HP support assistant is a utility that is made available by HP for use by all, and exists to basically help HP users to either avoid or resolve problems that they face using their HP laptops and PCs. It does so by making available certain self – help options to you and regularly using updates.

If you are wondering what is HP support assistant, then perhaps you haven’t already used this gem of a software made available by the developers at HP. However, if your computer already comes with the HP support assistant preinstalled, then it is not too late to start using it. Once you have booted your HP system, you can locate the blue question mark that you can see on your taskbar in windows 7, or by clicking on the HP support Assistant app from the start screen in windows 8 and 10. If you however can’t get the HP support assistant to start working this way, then perhaps the app isn’t really installed and you would need to download and install it.

HP support assistant is quite useful, and you can get to using it almost from the day you purchase your HP PC or laptop. After you’ve clicked on the icon and launched the utility, you can then let it connect to its online servers and automatically download the necessary drivers and security updates. In case of any windows problems, it will also run, scan and detect them and fix them if it can. This HP utility will make your time as a user much easier and effective than before as your HP computers will run diagnostics and present the recommended help options without having to even troubleshoot them.

From Where to Download HP Support Assistant

If you have recently purchased an HP laptop or computer, or are using one for some time, then you must know all about the HP support assistant. It is a utility tool that essentially works to improve your usage experience and make your work a lot quicker and better than before. Using the HP support assistant, you can solve a lot of problems that you may encounter otherwise while using any HP PC or laptop. That’s because the HP support assistant works to find and solve such technical issues by means of relying on updates and making available some of the best self – help options to follow. If for some reason however, your HP support assistant has been uninstalled and you want to know how to download HP support assistant, then you can follow these steps below.

After following these steps, your HP support assistant download would be complete and you would be then able to use it from your Windows task bar or home screen.

How to Fix when HP Support Assistant Windows 10?

Provided that you have HP Support Assistant installed on your Windows 10 operated system, you can effectively use it to keep your Laptop or Personal Computer working in perfect order. If not, or if some problem has led to your copy of HP support assistant becoming corrupt, then you can always uninstall it and have it reinstalled. Just go to HP support assistant website and download it according to your Windows 10 build version. Then, download the steps presented over there, after downloading and running the installer to install for HP support assistant windows 10 and that you can get it running back up again, after a quick restart.

It is quite important to have a fully functional HP support utility running on your computer and so, if your HP support assistant not working, then you need to do all that’s necessary to get it back and up again. If you can, you should reinstall the utility from HP’s website or you should contact HP tech support to help you do so. The reason why getting the HP support assistant not working fixed and running properly, is because as a utility, it keeps your computer or laptop working perfectly. It does so by keeping up with system updates and drivers released, causing your computer to fall into problems even lesser than before.

If you want your HP support assistant windows 10 to be running perfectly, then just check and ensure that your system updates are allowed and working naturally. You can change your update schedule as per your convenience, so that updates are downloaded and installed at the moment when you are not using your computer. You can also change the notifications settings and either increase or decrease how many times the HP support utility notifies you of important matters, messages and when updates are available.

What is HP Support Solutions Framework Service or How to get?

The HP support solutions framework service is a software interface that is commonly found installed on HP notebooks that are supported, with supported operating systems. Developed by Hewlett – Packard, it is generally installed and used by over 61% of the population using HP notebooks in America and also in Germany, United Kingdom, etc. The most common release of HP support solutions framework that is used by people all over, is the 11.51.0048. Version 12 is installed on mostly Windows 10 operated notebooks and makes up for the remaining percentage of HP framework users who have it installed and running.

If you are wondering ‘what is HP support solutions framework’, then you are not alone. There are many who don’t know what this software does or what it is useful for installed in your Notebook’s system. The way this HP Driver Support Framework works, is by providing a common set of software interfaces. This serves as a central access for you to many hardware settings, HP – specific windows drivers for your notebook and also most of the BIOS settings and pages. The way this helps you is, that by giving you a more centralized access to such settings, you are able to quickly change them as and how they suit you, on the fly, not having to access them through the normal routes you would usually take.

Now that you know what is HP support solutions framework service, then the next thing you must focus on is how to check that you have it installed and running. If you are using an HP notebook running on Windows 7, 8 or 10, then chances are that the HP support solutions framework service is already installed. You can check that is running in the background, by opening up your task manager and navigating to ‘services’ to check. However, if it isn’t, you can always download and install it from HP’s support and downloads section, for this HP Software Framework.

What is HP Support Solutions Framework Service and How to get it?

If you are confused about and don’t know what is HP support solutions framework, then you’re not the only HP notebooks user in the grey. Hundreds of thousands of users all over don’t understand what this software is for in their systems, why it is installed and running, and what it normally does for your HP’s Notebook. HP software framework usually works by basically providing a set of common software interfaces in your notebook. Using this, you gain a central access to your notebook’s hardware settings, the HP – specific windows drivers that are already pre – installed and also your Notebook’s BIOS pages and settings. Because of HP support solutions framework, you are able to access all important settings in your HP notebooks much quicker, and change them as per your need, without going any other, longer route.

Developed by the DEVs over at Hewlett – Packard, you can find this HP support solutions framework service installed and running on supported operating systems and notebooks. Commonly, the 11.51.0048 build version of the HP software framework is used in most, almost 98% of the HP notebooks used today. The remaining 2% use version 12 which is the latest, and only usable on Windows 10 operated notebooks. After knowing what is HP support solutions framework, you must ensure that is properly installed and running on your Notebook.

If your HP notebook is running windows 7, 8 or 10, then you can easily check if the HP support solutions framework service is installed and running or not. You can bring up the task manager by pressing ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del’ and navigate to the services tab. Here, you can see all the services that are working as they should, in the background. If you don’t see the HP support framework service running, then chances are it is corrupted or not installed. At this point, you can either opt for HP tech support to help you install if for you, or do it by yourself from HP’s support section on their website.


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